Italian marketing translations

I help communication agencies, language schools and small and medium-sized enterprises to win Italians’ hearts over

and I do that by offering them professional translations from English and German to Italian specialized in marketing, telecommunication and IT, education and publishing.
Desk with a laptop, a book about Italian translations for marketing and an hand that fills a document.

What’s behind Edit et Versa’s translations?

I have always known my ideal job was one in which I could leave a trace of my own personality while being able to communicate a message and use languages in a creative fashion. Finding out what kind of job that was, though, required some trial and error.

Tv-shows subtitler, press office assistant, junoir copyeditor, content and copywriter, and language teacher: I did it all and each one of these experience helped me collect knowledge or develop skills that add a special flavour to my Italian translations for marketing, telecommunications or the education industry.

Each translation comes with:

  • A special attention to language change, sensitivity to culture, curiosity and high familiarity with slangs (so much that I wrote my Bachelor’s thesis about it).
  • Specialized knowledge on SEO best practices, marketing, and copywriting.
  • Use of CAT-Tools to ensure consistency in terminology and to allow me to work faster.
  • Accurate revision process… twice.
  • Quality Analysis check

Voilà! Your Italian translation is ready!

My specializations


Product descriptions, booklets, body copy, newsletters, blog posts… basically everything that can end up shared on social medias.

Telecommunication and ICT

Do you have user guides, handbooks, manuals, data sheets, or other texts about phones, computers and technology to be translated? I am here for you.


Websites and eLearning portals, as well as excercises, textbooks and any didactic material are my bread and butter.


One must not think only about novels but also about short stories, e­­­­books, essays or magazine articles. In short: everything that has an ISBN code!

Continuing professional development

Languages evolve, and so do the techniques, the software, the market… Alas, one never finishes to learn. But, thankfully, I like learning.
Here there are some of the most important courses and webinars I attended to stay on top of my game:


What kind of file should I send?

In order to translate your documents, I need an editable format, so a Word or Open Office document is perfect. Other types of documents I can work on are Excel, HTML and HTML5 files. And if you really just have a PDF, send it and I’ll see what I can do.

Cost of the translation

The cost is calculated in source words for shorter texts or in standard pages (1,800 characters with spaces) for literary texts or similar. It varies according to the job’s complexity and it can go from 0.08€ to 0.12€ per word.

Payment methods

I accept payments through a bank transfer as well as Paypal. You don’t have to pay the sum in one go, we can agree on dividing it into installments if it is more convenient for you.

How do you use CAT-tools?

CAT tools are offline softwares that help me be faster and keep consistency in the texts I translate. If requested by you, I don’t use online CAT tools.
I usually use SDL Trados 2021, but I can work with Wordfast Pro and Memsource as well. Every CAT tools saves chunks of your original text together with the translated segment into a translation memory so, if we have recurrent projects together, these memories make sure that I always use the same names for your products. I will not share this with anybody and, if you wish, I can delete them after project completion.

Italian translations for marketing

Some of my past translation projects

  • German-Italian website translation for the IT industry: translation (as member of a team) of an entire website for a company that specializes in HSE softwares solutions for management systems.
  • English- and German-Italian translation for the telecom. industry: translation of promotion material, advertisement campaigns, installation guides, weekly briefs for the staff, support documentation and more for a swiss telecom. provider.
  • English-Italian literary translation: translation and pubblication, in Ebook format, of an extract from The ascent of the Matterhorn by E. Whymper with STL Formazione (see picture).
  • German-Italian marketing translation for communication agencies: translation of quotes, advertisement campaigns and detailled offers about the marketing services in several projects.

Do you have something that needs to be translated?

Write me an e-mail, tell me all about your project
and find out if Im what you were looking for.

  • Non-binding
  • Reply comes in 24 hours
  • Transparent

About me

My name is Elena Volpato and since 2018 I offer professional Italian language services as a freelancer. I translate from English and German into Italian or I dive into any kind of content and read it, edit it, and polish it to obtain an error-free, clear and natural-sounding text.

This website is the place where the interest for my own mothertongue (Edit) and my passion for foreign languages (Versa) come together… and it bears my initials!

Contact me

  • editetversa[@]gmail[.]com

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