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Translators need to be well versed in their own languages even more than in the languages they translate from. Being a trained copyeditor and thanks to six years of total experience in the Italian publishing industry, you can rely on me to help you find out grammar mistakes, imperfections, and difficult wording that may be unclear, or worse, result in misunderstandings that may potentially cost you a client.
According to your needs, you may be looking for:


Copyediting is the correction, condensation, and organization of a text in order to produce an accurate, and complete work. You want to publish a book or an article in Italian that captures the readers’ attention and in order to do that, your text needs to be not only error-free but also well-worded, factually correct, stylistically appropriate and clear.

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If you just want to be super sure that your copy doesn’t contain any grammar or spelling errors and that punctuation usage is on point, ask me for proofreading.

Book and E-book layout

The form is as important as the content! I will take care of the layout with InDesign and give you a nicely formatted Pdf and/or an Epub file. I usually offer this service to self-publishing authors who want to have a print-ready Pdf of their book.

Book spines in a services page for Italian editing services and book layout creation.

Important info

Type of texts

I can edit and proofread novels, short stories, non-fiction books, blog posts, articles, website pages and more.


I work best with a Word document, as I correct your text using the revision mode. An Open Office document is fine too.


Copyediting: 0.05€ per word

Proofreading: 0.04€ per word

Book layout: 1,5€/page (of the Word document)


I accept payments through a bank transfer as well as Paypal. You don’t have to pay the sum in one go, we can agree on dividing it into instalments if it is more convenient for you.

Past projects

Copyediting of non-native content

The client: T. Reglin is a Nürnberg-based author, who likes to write short stories to keep his Italian fresh.
The challenge: As a non-native speaker, T. asked me to do a thorough editing, especially checking grammar and lexical mistakes. T. also wanted to have an explanation of his mistake to learn from them.
My solution: I was able to identify the parts of the text followed a German logic, to understand their meaning and rewrite them in correct Italian. I left side comments explaining what wasn’t working and the grammar behind it and suggested an appointment in town to go over some of the most relevant errors together.

Book and E-Book layout

The client: Mujo Kazmi, a Pakistani refugee from Berlin. His autobiography narrate his difficult journey from Paskistan to Germany.
The challenge: to distribute his book to as many people as possible, Mujo wanted to create a paper as well as a digital version of his story.
My solution: Working with InDesign CC 2015, I delivered a ready-to-print .pdf of a 10×15 book and an .epub file to publish on Amazon.

To see the final result, visit the author’s website.

Translation editing of a poetry collection

The client: P. P. is an Italian poet.
The challenge: P. P. asked me to choose his best work from a pool of more than 200 poems which touched different topics such as family, grief and childhood memories.
My solution: I chose 100 poems and divided them into 5 categories, creating a well rounded and cohesive collection. I also proofread the poems and formatted them in accordance with Italian editorial guidelines.

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About me

My name is Elena Volpato and since 2018 I offer professional Italian language services as a freelancer. I translate from English and German into Italian or I dive into any kind of content and read it, edit it, and polish it to obtain an error-free, clear and natural-sounding text.

This website is the place where my interest in my own mother tongue (Edit) and my passion for foreign languages (Versa) come together… and it bears my initials!

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