Italian editing services

Proofreading – Machine Post-Editing – Monolingual copyediting

In my double role as a translator and copyeditor and thanks to six years of total experience in the Italian publishing industry, I can offer you the right service tailored to your needs.
For example I can give new life to your text or improve a machine-generated text by:

  • revamping your old content that doesn’t reflect anymore your values or your tone of voice.
  • checking for consistency and coherence to make sure that the same English term is always reffered to by the very same Italian word. It may sound obvious to a human, but it is a pretty common mistake in machine translations.
  • improving tone of voice and overall style. Your text may be correct, but do Italians really say that? Well… who better than a native Italian speaker can tell you if that slogan sparkles or not?

If on the other hand you just want to be super sure that your copy doesn’t contain any grammar or spelling error and that punctuation usage is on point, then ask me for a proofreading.

Italian editing services

All my editing services

(in Italian)

The correction, condensation, organization of a text in order to produce an accurate, and complete work.

Machine Translation

When a human (me) amends a machine-generated translation to make it go from stiff to fit.


The very last stage of the writing process, where I fix minor spelling and punctuation mistakes in any kind of text.

Book Layout and
E-book Design

The form is as important as the content! I will take care of the layout with InDesign and give you a nicely formatted Pdf and/or an Epub file.

Some common questions

What kind of text do you work on?

I can edit and proofread blog posts, articles, website pages but also keyword lists, newsletters and product descriptions.

Which kind of file should I send you?

I work best with a Word document, as I correct your text using the Revision mode. An Open Office document is fine too.
If you need me to revise a translation (machine or not), please send both the original file (English or German) and the translated Italian file so I can compare the two.
If you just need a proofreading or you are interested in page setting, then the final document in Italian is enough.

Price and payment methods

To revise a machine translation or edit original content in Italian, I charge 0.04€ per word. I accept payments through a bank transfer as well as Paypal. You don’t have to pay the sum in one go, we can agree on dividing it into installments if it is more convenient for you.

Some of my past editing projects

  • Creation of a book layout with InDesign and conversion into an e-book for the self published German author Mujo Kazmi.
  • Machine Translation Post-Editing of keywords and product titles for a German home improvement retailer.
  • Monolingual editing of a poetry collection for an Italian author in collaboration with Bottega editoriale.

Does your content need a second pair of eyes?

Write me to tell me a little about your project
and find out how can I help you.

  • Non-binding
  • Reply within 24 hours
  • Transparent

About me

My name is Elena Volpato and since 2018 I offer professional Italian language services as a freelancer. I translate from English and German into Italian or I dive into any kind of content and read it, edit it, and polish it to obtain an error-free, clear and natural-sounding text.

This website is the place where the interest for my own mothertongue (Edit) and my passion for foreign languages (Versa) come together… and it bears my initials!

Contact me

  • editetversa[@]gmail[.]com

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